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TAM Food Drive

It is a bitter truth that some people are deprived of the basic human necessity, Food. Not just the Homeless, but also unemployed, underemployed and low-income people might end up not being able to afford their groceries. Some of them may have tough choices to make, between the medical care and the food. Whatever be the cause, let us fight this Hunger together. Let us feed the children, the seniors and the destitute. Let us donate the Food! You are welcome to donate imperishable food items as listed in flyer or cash amount. No amount is small.. $5, $10, $20.. it will still make a lot of difference to people who need food. You can use the online donation link: http://www.tamaryland.org/donate-now.html

  • President Message :

    Suresh Geda
    చ్చటి పొలాలు... దండిగా పండే వరి... చక్కటి తోటలు.. చేపల చెరువులు... అన్నింటికీ మించి ఆత్మీయుల అంతులేని అభిమానం... ఇదీ కళ్ళు మూసుకుంటే నాకు కనిపించే మా గోదావరి. More Info Read More